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The Law Office of Keya M. Reed LLC exists to create a more just and equitable future for our clients, regardless of their background or social standing, by providing the highest standard of legal support possible at a fair price.


We maximize the value of service delivered to each client in order to ensure that they are honorably represented. We endeavor to bring about the best outcomes for them and their families by providing compassionate, quality service.


The Law Office of Keya M. Reed LLC operates in alignment with the following ‘CORRECT' Values:


We are deeply Committed to you as our client. We will seek to achieve the best results possible by fully applying our energy and skill to each case.


We believe that we can achieve a better future together. We believe that each person can move forward and overcome whatever challenges may have lead to their current circumstances.


We will do everything in our power to achieve commitments we make to our clients, our staff, and our community.


We believe that every person is worthy of our respect regardless of their background, identity, belief system, or socio-economic standing. We believe that all people are created equal and have equal rights.


We will work to make the most of every opportunity and ensure that our clients get the full benefit of our services. We will operate in a manner that minimizes the environmental impact of our activities.


We will approach each person with genuine concern for their well being, and with a deep understanding that circumstances never define the person.


We will pursue every angle, every opportunity, and exhaust all avenues to achieve the best results for our clients. Our work will reflect the highest standard of care.

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