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Juvenile Law

Juvenile Law

Missouri's juvenile justice system is confusing and challenging for any parent to navigate. Juvenile matters are serious and can follow your child around for the rest of his or her life. Hiring a juvenile law lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri will help you understand your and your child's rights when facing delinquency or certification.

What Types of Cases Does a Juvenile Law Lawyer Handle?

Juvenile lawyers in St. Louis, Missouri can handle several types of legal matters involving crimes committed by children. We ensure that your child is not unnecessarily accepting responsibility for a crime that he or she did not commit while looking out for his or her interests.

At The Law Office of Keya M. Reed LLC, we handle the following types of juvenile law cases:

  • Delinquencies
  • Certifications
  • Status OffensesOur legal team will assist you in navigating the complexities associated with juvenile law matters. We will look out for your best interests and rights throughout the entire process.

What Can a Juvenile Be Charged With?

Juvenile delinquency cases arise when a minor-aged child is charged with committing a crime. A juvenile law enforcement officer pursues delinquency charges. While delinquencies are not considered crimes, children still hold constitutionally protected rights.

Your child could be charged with delinquency offenses involving:

  • School truancy
  • At-home disobedience
  • Habitual school absence
  • Committing petty crimes
  • Other injurious actions

You may not know all of the facts of the case against your child without an independent investigation. The Law Office of Keya M. Reed LLC will preserve evidence and mount a defense that seeks the most favorable outcome.

Can My Child Go to Jail If Under 18?

In general, juveniles are released to parents and guardians unless there is a reason for detention. Reasons children go to jail typically include serious property damage or bodily harm, causing serious public risk, sexual offenses, violent offense, and flight risk.

If detained, your child must only be detained in accordance with the law at a specific detention facility. He or she cannot be detained an adult jail or prison facility.

Will My Child's Case Stay on His or Her Permanent Record?

Several types of juvenile records could show up on a background check as an adult. These records could be used to deny employment, shelter, or lines of credit.

Unless the records are expunged or sealed, they may still show up. Obtaining an expungement or seal is vital to your child's future. Hire a St. Louis juvenile law attorney in Missouri to help you navigate the complexities of this situation.

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